Gongs & Chant by Jacomina Kistemaker (Pictures)

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Pictures from "Gongs & Chant by Jacomina Kistemaker". A Mitrata Nepal Benefit Concert.

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Benefit Concert for Mitrata Nepal Children Home

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Singing Bowls

Gongs & Chant by Jacomina Kistemaker (From Spain)

Raman Maharjan (Flute)

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Mitrata Nepal's 12th Anniversary

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Mitrata Nepal celebrated it's 12th anniversary on 6th January 2012.

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Paul's Attacking the Yak for Mitrata!

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Paul Bolla is racing in the Himalayan Yak Attack - Again! As the first international racer to compete twice! All money raised by Paul will go to the Mitrata Nepal orphanage, and we thank Paul very much for his support! For more information - and to make a donation please click here! And you can find the event of facebook here! Good luck Paul!

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Imagine Rainbow, Culture Bridge Nepal Switzerland
Rudra Benefit Tour Switzerland 2011

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Mountain Sisters Trek organized a 6 days trekking trip to Poon Hill for 10 Mitrata children. The purpose of the trip was to educate the children about the natural beauty of Nepal and give them an exposure to the tourism industry of the country. Most of the Mitrata children come from the remote districts of Nepal. The trip was a reminder for them of their roots as well.


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Mitrata Benefit Concert Report

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Mitrata Nepal in association with Jacomina Kistemaker (Spain) held the first ever Mitrata benefit concert to raise the fund for the children of Mitrata Nepal. The event was successfully organized by Mitrata Nepal Treasurer Mangal Man Maharjan at Bajra Hotel, Kathmandu.

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