Mangal Man Maharjan

Mr. Mangal Man Maharjan is the former treasurer of Mitrata Nepal Foundation. He also runs his private business, “Alisha Trade International”, one of the biggest exporters of Nepalese arts and crafts, specializing in exotic singing bowls, in the Asia, the Europe and the USA. He is also the vice president of Tisha Saving and Co-Operative Ltd, a private investment firm in Kathmandu. Mr. Maharjan has a good network world-wide and has used his network to raise funds for Mitrata Nepal and promoting its causes on various occasions. He has traveled to the US, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and China.

He is passionately committed to Mitrata Nepal and has played a critical role in the advancement of Mitrata Nepal Foundation. Beside running social work and  his business, Mr. Maharjan finds time to devote himself in his passion for classical dance and theatrical acting.


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